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As an official Salesforce partner, we bring certified expertise to elevate your business. Our tailored solutions and unwavering commitment ensure your success in harnessing the full potential of Salesforce for optimal business growth and efficiency.

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CloudXperts has a solid history as a Salesforce partner, offering state-of-the-art transformative solutions. Our partnership with Salesforce extends beyond shaping future enterprises; we're dedicated to assisting businesses in establishing and nurturing robust customer relationships, ensuring they maximize the true potential of CRM solutions.

Salesforce Consulting

In the rapidly changing landscape of business, where competition is fierce, adapting to digital transformation is imperative. CloudXperts, as an accredited Salesforce consulting partner, provides advisory services to guide businesses through their digital evolution and foster innovation. Our approach is grounded in robust and highly efficient frameworks, derived from years of extensive experience and expertise on the Salesforce platform. With a track record of successful collaborations with clients worldwide, we have delivered over 45 projects. Our Salesforce advisory services cover a spectrum of critical business areas, ensuring comprehensive support for our clients

Architecture & Planning

In the current landscape, meeting today’s demands necessitates an architecture that is not only highly scalable and agile but also flexible and ready for the cloud. At CloudXperts, we deploy proven frameworks, methodologies, and tools, applying them with a judicious approach rather than rigidly adhering to a prescriptive method. We emphasize the significance of collaborative and efficient work to yield optimal outcomes. Our team of seasoned Enterprise Architects plays a pivotal role in assisting companies to strategize, deliver, and realize their vision

Implementation Partner

CloudXperts serves as your reliable Salesforce Implementation Partner, utilizing our proficiency to streamline your business processes, enhance efficiency, and expedite the achievement of your goals with Salesforce CRM. Leveraging our deep understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem, we specialize in optimizing platform utilization by implementing a tailored and well-configured Salesforce CRM (system) to precisely align with your business requirements be it sales, marketing or customer services processes and beyond.
Our comprehensive Salesforce Implementation Services encompasses customization, integration, and platform implementation, empowering your professional services for accelerated results, scalability, adaptability, and a competitive market edge.


Vanilla boasts a powerful online community platform with robust features, while Salesforce is a notable CRM platform known for its prompt customer service capabilities. However, operating Vanilla communities and Salesforce CRM independently may not be the most efficient approach, potentially resulting in not-so-pleasant experiences for customers. Combining Vanilla community’s robust features with the advanced capabilities of Salesforce CRM allows your team to surpass the constraints of working in isolation and unlock a myriad of benefits. Integrating Vanilla with Salesforce offers your team significant advantages in streamlining community operations.
Here are a few use cases showcasing the benefits of this integration:

Development & Integration

At CloudXperts, we recognize the uniqueness of every business, understanding that tailored solutions are paramount. Our Xpert team collaborates with you to delve into your business processes, offering insights and optimization strategies to enhance functional efficiency and drive improved ROI. To achieve this efficiency, a scalable, robust, and manageable technical architecture is essential. At CloudXperts, we work closely with you to develop a synchronized technical architecture that seamlessly supports your functional processes.

Industry Cloud

Salesforce has strategically expanded its product portfolio by diversifying its offerings, making significant advancements in specialized cloud solutions tailored to specific industry requirements.

One noteworthy addition to the Salesforce ecosystem is the Salesforce Industry Cloud, complemented by the expertise on CloudXperts.

Within this ecosystem, Salesforce offers a range of industry-specific clouds, all leveraging the power of Customer 360. These clouds play a pivotal role in expediting the digital transformation of various sectors, providing a platform carefully crafted to foster trust, innovation, and agility.

Notable examples of these industry-specific cloud solutions include those designed to meet the unique needs of different sectors, they include:

AI, Data & Analytics

In the realm of cloud computing, our AI-powered visual recognition takes center stage, autonomously identifying issues within underlying processes and automating intricate business processes that were once deemed nearly impossible to automate. At CLOUDXPERTS, our comprehensive model, AI, Data & Insights, is tailored to assist you in achieving both tangible and intangible business outcomes through the power of data within the cloud. We leverage our expertise and innovative delivery methods, implementing a governance structure that aligns seamlessly with your budgets and time-to-market needs. This initiative ensures that our valued CLOUDXPERTS customers reap the maximum benefits of cutting-edge cloud technologies for enhanced efficiency and business success.

DevOps & Release Management

In the dynamic realm of software development, CloudXperts champions Agile DevOps—a transformative approach merging Agile principles with DevOps practices. This synergy amplifies the pace, efficiency, and quality of software delivery, enabling organizations to promptly meet market demands. At CloudXperts, we recognize the perpetual quest for process enhancement and efficiency augmentation.

Agile DevOps within the CloudXperts framework embodies a cultural shift fostering collaboration between development and operations teams. This synergy integrates continuous processes seamlessly into the project lifecycle, dismantling traditional silos for fluid communication and shared accountability.

Notable examples of these industry-specific cloud solutions include those designed to meet the unique needs of different sectors, they include:

Embracing Agile DevOps, CloudXperts empowers organizations to attain heightened agility, facilitating swift adaptation to market changes, elevating customer satisfaction, and securing a competitive edge.

Quality Assurance Services

CloudXperts, in collaboration with a premier Salesforce testing platform, delivers a top-tier Salesforce testing experience. This strategic partnership empowers our team to conduct rigorous, virtually impregnable tests, preempting any bugs before they reach users. Whether you operate in Salesforce Lightning or Classic, our support spans both environments, ensuring seamless testing throughout your Salesforce platform. With a focus on Quality Assurance, our collaborations guarantee comprehensive testing solutions for your Salesforce applications.

Professional Services

Elevate your business efficiency and pave the way for enduring success by mastering your customer database with our Salesforce Professional Services. With over two decades of empowering organizations, Salesforce is the trusted solution for streamlining processes across sales, marketing, finance, and senior management. Our tailored Salesforce professional services are crafted to align the platform seamlessly with your organizational goals. From envisioning the perfect solution to flawless implementation, our team of Salesforce Xperts guides you in selecting the tools and features that precisely fit your unique needs. Step into a realm where your business processes are not just streamlined but optimized for long-term triumph.

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