Lightning Migration

Empower Growth with Salesforce Lightning!

Empower your business growth through the transformative capabilities of Salesforce Lightning. With our Salesforce Lightning Migration services, seamlessly transition to the future of CRM. Unlock advanced features, intuitive interfaces, and enhanced productivity. Elevate your business operations to new heights and stay ahead in the competitive landscape with our comprehensive and tailored Salesforce Lightning Migration solutions.

Lightning Migration

Leverage the expertise of CloudXperts experienced Salesforce professionals for a seamless Legacy to Lightning Migration, ensuring data integrity and the integration of lightning tools tailored to your business needs. Our Salesforce Migration Services guarantee a persistent, efficient transition customized to precisely match your unique requirements.

Lightning readiness evaluation

Conduct a thorough evaluation of your current Legacy environment at CloudXperts, delving into sandbox and workflows to ensure migration readiness. This assessment forms the foundation for our meticulous migration strategy.

Migration ignition

Following the Readiness Assessment, seamlessly execute the migration with a milestone-driven approach at CloudXperts. Our strategy prioritizes data integrity, ensuring a successful and comprehensive transition beyond mere component shifting.

Customize & Optimize

We leverage our expertise at CloudXperts to tailor the Lightning interface to align with your unique workflows, enhancing user experience and ensuring a smooth transition. Our robust Salesforce Integration services facilitate data migration by integrating multiple systems.

Flight testing

Testing is paramount at CloudXperts. We systematically conduct tests, including UAT and functional assessments, to guarantee flawless functionality post-migration for apps, features, customizations, and integrations.

Empower, engage, excel

At CloudXperts, change management is key. We support your transition to the Lightning Experience with comprehensive training sessions, equipping your employees with the knowledge needed to maximize the benefits of the Lightning interface.

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