Go-To-Market Solutions

At CloudXperts, we offer Go-To-Market Solutions designed to power your path to success. Our strategic approach combines innovative solutions with industry expertise, ensuring a streamlined journey to market excellence. From tailored strategies to seamless execution, we empower your business with the tools it needs to thrive in a dynamic and competitive landscape, driving sustainable growth.

Discover a transformative journey with our comprehensive GTM (Go-to-Market) solutions and accelerators designed to propel your business forward. At the heart of our offerings is a strategic blend of innovative methodologies and proven accelerators crafted to optimize your go-to-market strategy.

From targeted market insights to agile execution, our GTM solutions provide a robust framework for reaching your audience effectively. Leverage our accelerators to expedite product launches, enhance customer engagement, and stay ahead in dynamic market landscapes.

CloudXperts stands as your dedicated partner, committed to delivering tailored GTM solutions that align with your unique business objectives. Embrace success with confidence as our accelerators propel your business to new heights of market prominence and sustained growth.

Field Sales Application

Provide your field sales representatives with a powerful platform to streamline and enhance their daily activities. Our app is equipped with essential features, including attendance management, geotracking, pre-trip and visit planning, order management, and seamless party onboarding.

Revolutionize your field sales operations and boost efficiency with our tailored solution.

Track employee attendance in real-time with Geolocation capabilities

On-the-go visit planning and execution for capturing order and competition information

Order booking features to help you sell more easily, efficiently, and smartly

Streamline Expenses, Boost Sales: Empower Field Sales with Effortless Expense Management

On-the-Go: Seamlessly Track Payments and Shipments with Our Field Sales Companion

Allows user to address concern via complaint submission, tracking, resolution, analysis and reporting

Automated Notifications and Approval Process with multiple level authorities

Unlock Financial Insights: Your Key to Credit, Outstanding, and Aging Information

Create and customize interactive dashboards with a wide range of visualizations

Dealer Management System

Dealer 360

My Details to view the basic information, bank detail, collaterals and other info.

Order Management

Efficiently streamline orders and boost productivity.


Ensuring smooth financial operations and enhanced efficiency.

Financial Information

Streamline your dealership's financial operations by providing real-time, accurate financial information.

Payment & Shipments

Efficiently manage payments and shipments and maximize your business's productivity.

Services & Warranty

Efficiently manage warranties and services ensuring customer satisfaction.


Streamline inventory operations, optimize stock levels, and boost profitability.

Reports & Dashboards

Create and customize interactive dashboards with a wide range of visualizations.

Automotive Dealer Management

Lead Management

Convert more leads into sales with our streamlined lead management system

Walk-in & Enquiry Management

Manage walk-in customers efficiently, centralize and organize all customer enquiries

Test Drive Bookings

Simplify the process of scheduling and managing test drive appointments

Product Management

Easily manage and update product details, specifications, and pricing

Inventory Management

Track and manage your inventory across all dealerships in real-time and optimize stock levels

Multi Dealership Support

Manage multiple dealerships effortlessly from a single platform

Customer Support & Services

Log and track support requests, manage SLAs, & maintain customer satisfaction

Reports & Dashboards

Generate reports and gain insights into key real estate metrics

Real Estate Management

Lead Management

Capture and manage leads from various sources

Property Listing & Management

Keep track of property availability, occupancy, leases, and contracts. Create and publish listings

Construction Management

Capture site visits and looks after the complete construction process

Finance & Purchase Management

Helps in exploring finance options and in complete purchase process

Capital Expenditure & Analysis

Helps in capital expenditure proposals & feasibility of investments performance

Cash Flow Management

Helps builders to manages cash flow and forecasts

Reports & Dashboards

Generate reports and gain insights into key real estate metrics

Customer Support & Services

Log and track support requests, manage SLAs, & maintain customer satisfaction

One CX

Unlock the Future of Work with One CX – Your Native Community-Based Employee Operations and HR Platform. One CX is a cutting-edge, native community-based platform that empowers employees to take control of their daily core operations. From seamless profile management to precise timesheet tracking and leave management, One CX ensures a holistic approach to employee well-being.

  • Projects, Milestones & Tasks Management & 360 view
  • Resource Alignment & Management
  • Comprehensive Gantt-Based Resource Alignment View
  • Seating Cost By Roles / Functions
  • Profitability, Billability & Weightage Management
  • Team Management
  • Profile Management
  • Awards & Recognitions
  • Timesheet & Leaves Management
  • KRA & Performance Management
  • Policies Access
  • Teams Management
  • Newsletters & Organization Updates
  • Intranet Knowledge Portal / Repo Access
  • Career Progression
  • Self Service
  • Candidature Process
  • Leaves, Attendance & Timesheet Regularization
  • Interview Tracking & Feedback Management
  • Guided Employee Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Policies Management & Approvals
  • KRA & Appraisal Process Management
  • Manage IJP

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