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Discover the future of industry-led solutions with Cloud at the forefront. Our offerings are meticulously tailored to deliver excellence specific to your sector. From scalable infrastructure to advanced analytics, we empower businesses with the tools and insights needed to navigate and thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. Unleash the full potential of your industry with our innovative and tailored cloud solutions.

Industries We Have Experience With...

Trusted, tested, and proven industry-specific consulting guides enterprises toward genuine transformation. We assist companies in accelerating time-to-value, swiftly embracing digitalization, and undergoing profound transformation using Salesforce's industry clouds.

Whether you're in finance, healthcare, education, or any other industry, CloudXperts offers cutting-edge cloud solutions that drive meaningful results. Our industry-focused approach ensures that our services align seamlessly with your business goals, providing a transformative impact on operations and growth.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

In the realm of healthcare, encompassing homecare and pathological laboratories, a holistic view of patients' health records is paramount. Integrating data from various departments—pharmacies, laboratories, billing, and marketing—is crucial for engaging patients at the right touchpoints. Salesforce Health Cloud breaks down silos between systems, providing a unified perspective that enhances customer service, collaboration, and operational efficiency. As a dedicated Salesforce Partner, we empower clinics, hospitals, care facilities, private practices, and doctors to fully leverage Healthcare CRM software. By joining forces with CloudXperts, you can amplify the impact of Salesforce Healthcare Services, ensuring optimal utilization and embracing the future of healthcare management.

Real Estate & Construction

For real estate brokerages, brokers, and agents, a cutting-edge CRM platform revolutionizes communication, allowing around-the-clock engagement and personalized experiences to expedite deals with efficiency and wisdom. Providing real-time information to buyers and investors, the CRM facilitates risk-free sharing of automated data, optimizing return on investment through robust information and analytics.

Streamlined loan processes, improved sales and service productivity, reduced follow-ups, and impactful nurturing bring together real estate businesses, brokers, and agents on a single, dynamic platform. This ensures deals conclude swiftly and exceed consumer expectations. The CRM boasts specialized features for easy adoption and usability, covering campaigns, quotation administration, lead monitoring, visualization, follow-ups, and inventory monitoring.

Banking & Financial Services

Financial institutions, advisors, and consultants can transcend the limitations of legacy systems by embracing cloud products, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. Cloud-based solutions empower financial institutions to enhance customer experiences, eliminate information silos, and gain profound insights for more effective business operations. Salesforce for financial services constitutes a comprehensive ecosystem of technologies, ensuring stringent security, compliance, and regulatory standards while delivering a superior client experience. This advanced platform simplifies complex procedures through robust workflow capabilities.

Our offerings encompass a comprehensive suite of financial services solutions, including third-party integration, process automation, custom app development, managed services, and seamless change management.

Professional Services

In the realm of Professional Services, we discerned the underlying pain points and conducted a comprehensive engagement meeting with the company to formulate a solution that precisely aligned with their needs. The result was a top-notch system delivered with 100% accuracy, adhering strictly to both time and budget constraints. Employing the waterfall approach over a one-and-a-half-month period, we honed in on a key theme—Digital Transformation—customized to their unique requirements.
Our team of Xperts masterfully crafted a 360 Customer platform on the robust and scalable Salesforce framework, leveraging both powerful out-of-the-box features and customized solutions where necessary. Seamless integration with PandaDoc facilitated quotes and contracts, while automated email responses covered a wide array of scenarios. Furthermore, our intelligent lead capture and qualification guidance streamlined the process, allowing users to spend less time on queries and more on nurturing prospects.

E-Commerce & Retail

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern retail, gaining insights into customer desires is facilitated by Retail and e-commerce CRM integration. Teams across sales, marketing, and customer service leverage these features for real-time responses enriched with informed insights. Salesforce e-commerce, whether in B2B or B2C scenarios, empowers each team member with the knowledge needed to create and deliver ideal products or services.

As a dedicated Salesforce Partner within a robust retail technology ecosystem, we guide businesses in embracing and optimizing Salesforce e-commerce solutions. We inject vitality into the sales and marketing pipeline by capturing information from every touchpoint, fostering a connected and seamless customer experience. Through meticulous mapping of customer journeys, spanning from onboarding to retention, we provide teams with a comprehensive view of clients. Leveraging our expertise in Salesforce, we excel in delivering superior outcomes in omnichannel retail management.

Manufacturing & Distribution

In Manufacturing & Distribution, Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud employs account performance tracking, account-based forecasting, and team collaboration. This facilitates personalized customer engagement and enhances company efficiency at scale.
Within Salesforce, Manufacturing Cloud provides a comprehensive platform to boost operational agility, deliver intelligent services, and expedite the entire deal lifecycle from inquiry to order completion. It empowers manufacturers to enhance communication with partners and consumers. As a dedicated Salesforce Partner integrated into a complete retail technology ecosystem, we specialize in guiding businesses to implement and maximize Salesforce commerce solutions.
Our focus is on enhancing sales and marketing pipelines by capturing information from every touchpoint, thereby creating a seamlessly connected customer experience.

Education & Technology

In the intersection of Education and Technology, we have redefined the landscape of EdTech business with a user-friendly application designed to streamline sales team management. This advanced solution encompasses features such as an intricate weekly plan, plan execution, daily output tracking, sales order placement, return authorizations, and the strategic planning of webinars/seminars. Additionally, it fosters robust collaboration with channel partners, including schools and dealers/distributors.

Our innovation has resulted in heightened and effective customer engagement, translating into an elevated Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score. The automation of time-consuming processes has liberated valuable time for our clients, allowing them to redirect their focus towards tasks that genuinely require human intervention. The impact of this solution is already evident in accelerated overall efficiency and minimal system upgrades, showcasing impressive results.

Automotive & Transport

In this era of digital revolution, Automotive Manufacturers are compelled to enhance their processes and capabilities, embracing digital innovations to stay competitive in their businesses. The imperative is continuous innovation and digital transformation to effectively manage customers, trade partners (distributors/dealers/retailers), and service operations.

As a Salesforce Manufacturing CRM Consultant, we offer robust and innovative digital solutions that span every segment of the Automotive Industry. We catalyze a revolution in your business through efficient visitors management, enhanced dealer effectiveness, KPIs visibility and tracking across the value chain, streamlined service management, unified onboarding of all dealers onto a single platform, and real-time access to customer information and insights on dealer performance.

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