Lightning enhances perception and understanding. Sales and marketing projections are made simpler by Salesforce’s artificial intelligence platform, Einstein. The Sales Path feature highlights the crucial phases of a lead or opportunity and provides information on what must be done at each point. Functionality is improved with an easy-to-use, stylish, and strong user interface. The UI increases adaptability and makes switching between desktop and mobile devices simple. Improved dashboards, infographics, and reports further increase user-friendliness.

CloudXperts assesses your customer needs, identifies the change to improve your business processes towards a more customer-centric approach. We help you choose the most suitable Salesforce products & licenses. We analyze and prepare a roadmap keeping the balance between the use of built-in features vs. custom development. We prototype ensuring solution alignment with business needs, implementation, and support.

We at CloudXperts believe every business is unique and needs special treatment. We at CloudXperts will work with you to understand your business processes and help and brainstorm optimize them to gain functional efficiency, resulting in improved ROI. In order to achieve functional efficiency, we need a scalable, robust, and manageable technical architecture. We at CloudXperts, work with you in tandem to devise your technical architecture in order to support the functional processes.

With ever-changing business demands and to maintain system stability, good support and maintenance services are always required. We at CloudXperts offer the best Salesforce Support & Maintenance Services. Enabling you with the day-to-day support and services you need for Salesforce becomes critical to ensure that your customer experience strategies are successful.

We are professionals who are experienced in implementing Salesforce for more than a decade, and we have instrumental capabilities working across various verticals. We work with you together with our reliable and demonstrable approach wherein we Assess, Identify, Prototype, and Implement. The correct mobile app strategy can benefit the entire organisation, accelerating the resolution of business issues and fostering innovation.

SyncIT – Document management tool offers unlimited file storage, file preview, and versioning, as well as the option to save documents in cloud storage (S3, G-Drive, etc.).

Field Sales App – Custom Field Sales App Give field sales representatives a platform to efficiently track and manage daily activity. Attendance management, geotracking, pre-trip and visit planning, order management, and party onboarding are among the essential functions.

OneCX – Native community-based platform for managing daily core employee operations by employees. Profile, timesheet, and leave management are all included in employee management.
The hiring process, interview tracking, and feedback management are all aspects of HR operations.

E-Sign – an easy way to enter digital signatures into Salesforce. With Simple Signature, you may collect signatures on petitions, release forms, waivers, and other straightforward documents that call for a signature and a few essential pieces of information.

Customer 360, or the single customer view concept, has been around for years now. Our in-depth experience in setting up customer-centric processes and data will help you visualize and experience a complete 360 view. We will help make it easier for businesses to create great and enhanced customer experiences through great data and thorough analysis.

Today’s need is to take your business digitalize. CloudXperts works with you to produce customised digital marketing and e-commerce services and a plan that aligns with your unique business needs. We become an extension of your team, a partner that understands your market and goals and helps you achieved a thoughtfully designed digital platform as per your needs.

AI-powered visual recognition detects issues in the underlying processes on its own and automates complex business processes that are almost impossible to automate. AI, Data & Insights is our comprehensive modal to help you achieve your tangible and intangible business outcomes through Data. We deliver outcomes using our expertise, innovations, and a delivery governance structure that suits your budgets and time to market.