Healthcare providers, including homecare and pathological laboratories, need a 360-degree view of patients’ health records and data from applications from many departments, including pharmacies, laboratories, billing, and marketing, in order to engage patients at the appropriate touchpoint. By removing boundaries between different systems and establishing a unified perspective of the patient experience, Salesforce Health Cloud enhances customer service, teamwork, and operational effectiveness. Health Cloud, an integrated CRM for the healthcare sector, provides care professionals and patients.

We help clinics, hospitals, care facilities, private practises, and doctors embrace and make the most of the use of Healthcare CRM software as a Salesforce Partner. You can boost the effectiveness of Salesforce Healthcare Services with the assistance of CloudXperts.

CRM offers for Real estate brokerages, brokers, and agents a platform where they can communicate with clients around-the-clock and give individualised experiences to close deals more effectively, wisely, and quickly. Real estate buyers and investors can obtain real-time information and share automated data without taking any risks.

They can maximise return on investment with the help of the information and analytics provided by real estate CRM. With personalised journeys, simplified loans, sales and service productivity, minimal follow-ups, and meaningful nurturing, the CRM unites real estate businesses, brokers, and agents on a single platform to conclude deals faster and beyond consumer expectations. The system has specialised features that make adoption and usability easier for campaigns, quotation administration, lead monitoring, visualisation, follow-ups, and inventory monitoring.

Financial institutions, advisors, and consultants can overcome the shortcomings of legacy systems with the cloud products, which also guarantees a smooth process. Financial institutions may improve their customer experiences, eliminate information silos, and obtain deeper insights for more effective business operations with cloud-based solutions. Salesforce for financial services is a complete ecosystem of technologies that meets strict security, compliance, and regulatory requirements while delivering a superior client experience. It streamlines complicated procedures with strong workflow capabilities.

We provide a comprehensive range of financial services solutions, such as third-party integration, process automation, custom app development, managed services, smooth change management, etc.

We understood the underlining pain points and took a broader view of the engagement meeting with the company and established a solution that aligned with their needs. We delivered a quality system, 100% on time and budget. Methodology Over a one and a half month period, we used the waterfall approach to deliver on one key theme i.e. Digital Transformation tailoring to the their needs. Feature Outline Our team of experts built a 360 Customer platform on the power and scalability of Salesforce leveraging powerful OOTB features and customizations wherever necessary.

Email & Integration Integration with PandaDoc for quotes and contracts. Email response(s) automation for a wide range of scenarios. Lead Capture & Qualify Guidance Intelligent capture of leads with less time spent on queries and then guide the users to qualify leads and nurture the prospects.

Modern retailers may understand customer wants and preferences with the use of Retail and e-commerce CRM. Each team, including sales, marketing, and customer service, can use its features to respond in real-time with a knowledgeable response. By providing everyone with the knowledge they need to create and deliver the ideal products or services, Salesforce e-commerce, whether B2B or B2C.

We help businesses embrace and maximise Salesforce e-commerce solutions, energise the sales and marketing pipeline with information from every touchpoint, and create a connected customer experience as a Salesforce Partner with a complete retail technology ecosystem. To give teams a complete picture of clients from onboarding to retention, we map customer journeys. We are able to give superior outcomes in omnichannel retail management with our experience in Salesforce.

Manufacturing Cloud Salesforce uses account performance tracking, account-based forecasting, and team collaboration to enable personalised customer engagement and company efficiency at scale. Manufacturing Cloud in Salesforce offers you a complete platform to increase operational agility, deliver smarter services, and expedite deals from enquiry to order completion by assisting manufacturers to communicate better with their partners and consumers.

As a Salesforce Partner with a complete retail technology ecosystem, we assist businesses in implementing and maximising Salesforce e-commerce solutions, enhancing sales and marketing pipelines with information from all touch points, and creating a connected customer experience.

We revolutionised the EdTech business by offering User friendly application for managing sales team by Advanced weekly Plan, Plan Execution, Output of the Day, Placing Sales Orders and Return Authorisations, planning Webinars/ seminars and building a strong collaboration with channel partners such as schools and dealers/ distributors.

Increased and effective customer engagement leading to the achievement of a higher CSAT score. Automated the processes that were eating up a lot of their time. They now use the saved time for things that actually require human intervention. The solution has already been seeing impressive results with accelerated overall efficiency and virtually 0 or fewer system upgrades.

In this digital revolution era, Automotive Manufacturers have to upgrade their processes & capabilities and need to adapt to digital innovations in their businesses. The need is to continuously innovate and digitally transform the processes and stay ahead of the competition in managing customers, trade partners (distributors/ dealers/ retailers) and service management.

As a Salesforce Manufacturing CRM Consultant we offer Robust, Innovative Digital Solutions covering each segment of the Automotive Industry. We revolutionise your business by Visitors management, Enhancing and managing dealer effectiveness, KPIs visibility and tracking across value chain, Service management, Bring all dealers on-board on one single platform, Get real-time info on customers, Get real-time insights on dealer performance etc.